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Saturday, 12 January 2013 05:26

Web Design Prices

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Web Design Prices - a professional services firm

Web design is about specialist knowledge, tools and experience.  As a professional services firm we are paid by the hour.  Part of this focus is that we utilise rapid development prototyping and the extensive reuse of technology to offer the greatest value in the shortest period of time.  Our specialist knowledge allows us to generate a massive amount of value in a short period of time where our specialist knowledge is required.  After that a lot of the common work like adding articles, images, and expanding the website is just as easily done by the client.  Interweaving has a philosophy which is based on enabling our clients.  By all means we help our clients in any effort they require.  However, we prefer to "teach a man to fish" rather than to just constantly sell them fish. 

Once the original development of your website is complete to train you how to administer and expand your website yourself.  When you need us for advice, more complicated tasks, or just getting something done that is urgent - we are there.

The Foundation Package

The first step for everyone is usually the Foundation Package.  80% of businesses can get started with this package and it will open the world of the Internet to them with so many opportunities they won't believe the extrodinary value offered.  It includes everything most businesses need to have a fabulous website with the bells, whistles, and the kitchen sink.

What is included in the Foundation Package?

  • 20 hours of professional services
  • Most common web technologies
  • Professional design package
  • Feature and functionality licenses
  • Search engine optimised structures
  • Self-administration & training

What types of technology do you get with the foundation package? - Virtually Everything


The foundation package includes 20 hours of Development Time


As you can see by the graphic above the foundation development involves a wide variety of specialist tasks to get it off the ground and flying - then you are ready to soar!  A strong feature of our technology is that these websites are fully self-administered.  Using technology similar to a word processor, spreadsheets, and basic image tools - any high school graduate can manage the website.  You can create articles, inject images, update time tables, post news articles, blog, send newsletters, and most common website tasks without the need of a third party.  We provide you with a beautiful web design including an extrodianry array of features and functionality - after that it is just a question of what else you would like us to do and what you want to do yourself.

The Foundation Package: $2,950 ex gst  [ there is a current special on this package here for $500 off ]



Expansion Packages:

Did you just want a fling?... or do you want to get engaged?

If you don't have time to explore, learn, and tinker with your new website and need help beyond the foundation package - Interweaving is here for you.  The benefit of the Interweaving system is that you can get a fully functional e-commere, service, or operations website up and running in only a couple weeks.  Then you can concentrate on improving the material on the website,  uploading products, marketing  to your customers, or whatever you desire.  After you have adjusted to your new home, feel free to call us.  Websites are about continuous improvements and enagement with your physical business.  It is all very flexible.  Below are some common additional packages that customers use to extend their websites and accelerate the integration into their businesses.

E-commerce: Online Shop Support Package

The online shop, shopping cart, and payment gateway technology is all included in the foundation package.  This functionality can be setup as part of the foundation package or as a later addition. Common work involved to become ecommerce enabled includes layout, graphical editing, product setup, encryption, paypal integration, and importation of products.  We work with you to give each product loving care and attention.  The shopping facilities are very robust, but they still require specialist knowledge to setup and configure them.  Interweaving offers a support package which includes everything required to make the shopping facility commercial ready with up to 100 products including graphics, descriptions, and editing.  Clients are responsible for the production of the original images and ensuring they are copyright free.

Service: Reservations, Service Booking & Communication Package

It is now realistic to book appointments online for service providers, rental equipment, and limited resources.  The service booking support package includes everything you need to provide top notch service to your customers online.  Live website interaction, reservation systems, resource reservations, labour booking, and online service ecommerce.   Paypal integration, sms support messaging,  and limited iPhone integration are included.  Book a hairdresser, reserve a piece of equipment, or rent an apartment online.

Operations: Client Management Package (CRM)

This package relates to everything you need to increase service quality, reduce operations costs, and improve sales.  It includes setting up a versitile and diverse group of related programs.  They include online quotations, sales funnel management, invoicing, client service area, project management facility, customer support ticketing system, and communication tools.  If you really want to E-enable your business from an operations perspective this is the ticket - literally.

Community: Social Networking Package

Do you enjoy your club?  Do you want high engage community building?  This is the community neworking package that gets you going.  Facility setup helps you manage memberships, can support reoccuring charges, commuity rankings, and feedback.  It includes the setup, troubleshooting, configuring and importing external community data to make your website fully community interactive.  This is very similar to Facebook type functionality.  Forums, blogs, instant messaging, chat, photo gallery, everything you need to make people engage and belong.

Design: High Engagement Creative Design

Creative web design is an art form.  Like a painting, it can be rushed - but the outcome is frequently dependent on how much time the designers have to craft the exact visual message, align it with or improve your brand in the process, and get exactly the right look, functionality, and feel for you website.   In addition to the design time allocated in the foundation package this increases the time we can give your website to create a completely unique approach to the web.  If the appearance of your website is the most important aspect of your development - it is a worthwhile investment to get exactly what you want.

Bridging: Integrating External Software Into Your Online Business

Interweaving can bridge most web enabled software into your website.  Whether that is an existing system used in your company or a new third party product - it can all be done.  These implementations are completely custom and highly variable so prices are on a request basis.

Interweaving - a professional service firm

As a professional services firm Interweaving is paid by the hour of work performed.  As guidance below we have provided an estimate of hours each type of activity takes to install, configure, and integrate.

There are a wide variety of additional improvements that can be made. The system that we use as the foundation for your website has over 10,000 modules, components, plugins and other extensions. The things that can be achieved by utilising functional units strait off the shelf is extraordinary. Some of those systems and approximate installation times include:


Prices vary dependent on the type of activity peformed.


Current Specials



Tuesday, 08 January 2013 06:10

Social Marketing Prices

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Social Marketing Prices

62% of all Australians have social network accounts and 81% of users will recommend products and businesses they like to friends in those networks.

Social marketing is different to community building.  Community building is about attracting users into your website.  Social marketing is how your business interacts with external websites and communities.  Typical social marketing includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare, and MySpace.  Organisations use these external communities to raise awareness of what they stand for, how they are different, and what they have to offer.  This is usually done through a complex web of marketing.  If you post articles of interest to other people, participate in forums, and make friends online it all helps.  Most importantly you can build up a network of people that are also in your industry.  Many of these people will link to your website and you can link to theirs.  This form of reciprocal linking within an industry is seen as a vote of confidence by search engines and adds value.

Social Marketing is a major consideration for Search Engine Optimisation

Interweaving's managing partner has direct relationships with the strategists and market leaders in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.  He has managed Internet marketing through them of more than $10 million per year.

If you want to take your Internet marketing seriously book an appointment


Tuesday, 08 January 2013 06:05

Marketing Bootcamp

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Marketing Bootcamp - It's about fast progress not pain!

Online marketing is full of traps and pitfalls.  If you don't know what you are doing it is easy to blow a considerable amount of money with virtually no return on investment.  Wait! don't run away just yet.  It actually isn't very hard it just takes time, education, and experience. We have been in traditional and online marketing for 20 years. Bootcamp is about a one day concentrated effort towards geting your marketing on track.  We did a quick analysis of your industry, research key phrases to advertise on, setup your online marketing accounts, show you the right things to do with social marketing and search engine marketing.  At the end of this one day attack you will have a working plan of marketing online and the means to do most of it yourself.  Otherwise we can help you with that too.  How can we serve you in the most cost effective way to achieve results?

 Call us and let's attack the market together - click here to contact or call 1 300 304 314




Tuesday, 08 January 2013 06:02

Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engines Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing

The big G - Google is the 500 pound gorilla for search engines.   It has a grossly dominant market share and is a very useful utility for web users.  Yahoo is a distant second, and Microsoft an even more distant third.  Search engines are the yellow pages of the Internet.  When people search they find relevant contextual websites that are specific to the user search queries.  You absolutely have to be in the search engines to have a well marketed website.

Search Engine Optimisation

The best type of search engine listing is the one you don't have to pay for again and again - organic search listings.  There are three ways your website is selected for being shown is search results:  relativity to the search request, relative locations, and web page rank.

Search Request

When someone types a phrase into a search engine they are looking for something.  The search engine will try to offer search listings that are the closest match to what the user is looking for.  Simple isn't it?  Not quite.  The reality is that search engines need to know where to find the right websites for each query.  They do this by indexing all the websites on the web and using an algorithm to find the best ones for each search query.  Optimisation for search requests is a science and a little art too.  Your website needs a list of search phrases that you would like to be found on in the search engines.  This list needs to be as wide and deep as possible to collect as many organic search queries as possible.  That includes typographic errors and misspellings as well.  Then your website needs to be optimised for those terms with page titles, descriptions, urls, and meta data all being optimised on a page by page basis to be the most specific result for search engines to serve.  Although search engines are algorithmic they still depend on website owners to tell them what each page is about, and more importantly offering descriptions that users will find attractive to click on.; If a search engine doesn't find a description to serve for the web page - it just makes one up.

Relative Location

Every user accesses the Internet through what is called an IP address.  Websites have their own IP addresss as well.  Why is this important? IP addresses are assigned geographic locations and distributed accordingly.  Websites can be hosted anywhere in the world.  The most common mistake is when website owners host their website on a cheap foreign host, which is commonly the domain registrar where they originally bought their domain.  These hosts are allocated IP addresses that are for their geographic location not yours.

Search engines are like dating agencies, they try to pair up the best websites with the most specific users.  Today modern search engines are sorting the websites that they list by how close a user is to the website's IP address.  Unless you want to be selling your goods to customers in someplace like Phoenix, Arizona USA instead of Brisbane, Australia - this can be a major problem.  Your website needs to have its own SEO IP address located as close as you can to your average customer's location. If that is Brisbane, then you need an Australian Hosting Company with your own unique static IP address - which screams to the search engine - WE ARE AUSTRALIAN!

Page Rank

Page rank is a mysterious thing to most people, but to Interweaving it is very simple.  Search engines want to list the pages that will give users what they actually want.  To get the best search rank you should do a number of things.  There are a great deal of factors that contribute but the most important ones are to have:

  • Volumes of original textual content
  • Links from other websites to yours
  • Local IP address with a local host
  • Frequent updates to website content
  • Create a good site map
  • Give it time to ferment
  • Single level URLs
  • Highly specific metadata

Search Engine Advertising

If you can't beat them join them.  Although organic search listings are the most cost effective way to advertise - you can also buy advertising in search engines.  In Google these are the ads on the right side of the page and sometimes at the top of the organic search listings.  They also can now be found in Google maps which offer paid listings.

Search engine advertising is very effective and offers a great return on investment IF you advertise consistently and target your ads to the right phrases and locations for the right price per click.  Does that sound complicated?  Interweaving is very experienced in all forms of Internet marketing.  If you would like us to create a marketing campaign for you and manage it monthly that can be arranged.  Campaigns start for as little as $50 a month

Contact us for an free introductory meeting about search engine optimisation and search engine marketeting using this contact form or calling us.




Tuesday, 08 January 2013 05:53

Fast and Easy Web Design

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Just like it says - Fast & Easy.  Web Design doesn't have to be difficult.  Let us help with the heavy lifting.

Building a new website can seem like a major challenge for many.  In reality it doesn't have to be difficult.  As in most things you just need a professional with the specialist knowledge that you need, which can guild you through the process and do most of the hard bits for you - that's us.  This special represents what most small businesses need.  It covers the design, technology, labour, and licenses that are required.  We offer you the support and hand holding as required.  Most of the time we can have your website fully functional within two weeks - no kidding.  So give us a call and let us take care of the heavy lifting for you.  Then we will train you to modify the website anytime you want - without needing our help.  Ready set go!

Call us and get $500 of with this special! - click here.


Tuesday, 01 January 2013 07:23

Responsive Web Design

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Responsive web designs automatically adapts themselves to a particular viewing environment such as desktop, tablet, or mobile - without the need for separate layouts for varying platforms.

 Why is this important?  When someone looks up your business online in the near future - it probably won't be on a traditional computer.  Finding businesses and products online is commonly performed on smart phones, tablet computers, and computer displays of a wide array of sizes and shapes.  23% of online users are now viewing the internet on something other than a computer.

The web designs that Interweaving uses modify themselves in real time to the consumers needs - so that the experience is ideal regardless of what appliance they are viewing on.

The future is here and we are building it!




Tuesday, 20 November 2012 03:37


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We Build Business...and your website

Building great websites can be difficult, but we make it look easy. Interweaving includes all of the technology you will need as part of the first package. Your foundation development has your website up and running with a custom design, e-commerce shop, online service bookings, client management, communications, and self-administration in a matter of weeks. It really is that easy!

Websites are a lot more than what they used to be. It is no longer "good enough" just to have a website. Your customers want real-time information, interactive communication, immediate support, and up to date content. Your website needs to improve efficiency, create a stronger brand, provide immediate communication, and reduce your marketing costs. Most of all it should create stronger profits.

It's not just about marketing - what about information, service, and efficiency? Research shows your customers prefer to receive online quotations, invoices, project documents, and communication over more traditional mail which is much slower. It's all about meeting your customer's immediate needs.

Interweaving engages with you to create efficiency and growth using a rapid development process. There are no rude shocks, just pleasant results at excellent value. Each stage of the process is planned and delivered according to defined goals while remaining on time and budget. Small or large the process is the same - producing measurable results at surprising value. You can accomplish almost anything online with Book an appointment  or Call 1 300 304 314

Click on one of the specal packages we currently offer:



Tuesday, 20 November 2012 03:00

Website Hosting

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Web Hosting

Web hosting is the infrastructure and software to manage the communication of your website to the internet at large. It also provides the security and speed on how that message is communicated. Interweaving provides specialist web hosting services for content management systems or we can arrange for your website to be moved once developed.

Reasons why clients may prefer to use Interweaving web hosting:

  • Interweaving provides hosting specific to the content management system and technology it develops. This system has specific speed, security, and software requirements. The interweaving host is optimised specifically to these systems. Equally it disabled the use of technology from attacks utilising software not required for Interweaving clients.
  • Sometimes client websites require specific technology or access which is not allowed on larger hosting companies. Bulk email systems, real time messaging, video broadcast, data streaming, data downloads, and timed events are all common technologies utilised which most large web hosting companies will not accommodate without significant costs. Some websites don’t require these services.
  • Websites typically require security patches and optimisation that web hosting companies don’t provide. Web hosting companies don’t service the websites themselves. Interweaving provides common website software patches and optimisation as a low cost optional service to its clients. Without this service the website progressively get out of date and lose security integrity. Although Interweaving can provide this service to websites on external hosts the costs are significantly more as the time it takes to maintain them is more time consuming and prone to issues.
  • External web hosts may backup a client’s website at an additional cost to the client. However, should the client need to restore the backup the fees typically start at $180 and grow quickly. That assumes that the host has saved the backup less recently than the issue. Sometimes these issues coincide with backup cycles and there are not any patent copies of the website. Client’s can backup their own websites. Interweaving provides the backup software in their website administration area. However, many forget or accidently corrupt the backup download. Interweaving backs up its client websites monthly for a fee. These copies are kept for two months to ensure a valid copy. They are formatted in a way that can be easily transported and re-established at another host quickly. This is a backup specific to restoration of the content management system used by Interweaving. This isn’t available at external web hosts.
  • Most websites hosted with Interweaving are hosted on their own unique IP address for a fee. This is a very unique service now as IP addresses have become rare. Interweaving has to pay for access to these unique IP addresses each month. One of the criteria for search engine optimisation is to have a unique IP address. If SEO is important to your website it should be considered. Obtaining access to a unique IP address at another external host may be very difficult if not impossible.

 Web Hosting Schedule