Marketing Bootcamp

Marketing Bootcamp - It's about fast progress not pain!

Online marketing is full of traps and pitfalls.  If you don't know what you are doing it is easy to blow a considerable amount of money with virtually no return on investment.  Wait! don't run away just yet.  It actually isn't very hard it just takes time, education, and experience. We have been in traditional and online marketing for 20 years. Bootcamp is about a one day concentrated effort towards geting your marketing on track.  We did a quick analysis of your industry, research key phrases to advertise on, setup your online marketing accounts, show you the right things to do with social marketing and search engine marketing.  At the end of this one day attack you will have a working plan of marketing online and the means to do most of it yourself.  Otherwise we can help you with that too.  How can we serve you in the most cost effective way to achieve results?

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