Social Marketing Prices

Social Marketing Prices

62% of all Australians have social network accounts and 81% of users will recommend products and businesses they like to friends in those networks.

Social marketing is different to community building.  Community building is about attracting users into your website.  Social marketing is how your business interacts with external websites and communities.  Typical social marketing includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare, and MySpace.  Organisations use these external communities to raise awareness of what they stand for, how they are different, and what they have to offer.  This is usually done through a complex web of marketing.  If you post articles of interest to other people, participate in forums, and make friends online it all helps.  Most importantly you can build up a network of people that are also in your industry.  Many of these people will link to your website and you can link to theirs.  This form of reciprocal linking within an industry is seen as a vote of confidence by search engines and adds value.

Social Marketing is a major consideration for Search Engine Optimisation

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