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Web Design Prices - a professional services firm

Web design is about specialist knowledge, tools and experience.  As a professional services firm we are paid by the hour.  Part of this focus is that we utilise rapid development prototyping and the extensive reuse of technology to offer the greatest value in the shortest period of time.  Our specialist knowledge allows us to generate a massive amount of value in a short period of time where our specialist knowledge is required.  After that a lot of the common work like adding articles, images, and expanding the website is just as easily done by the client.  Interweaving has a philosophy which is based on enabling our clients.  By all means we help our clients in any effort they require.  However, we prefer to "teach a man to fish" rather than to just constantly sell them fish. 

Once the original development of your website is complete to train you how to administer and expand your website yourself.  When you need us for advice, more complicated tasks, or just getting something done that is urgent - we are there.

The Foundation Package

The first step for everyone is usually the Foundation Package.  80% of businesses can get started with this package and it will open the world of the Internet to them with so many opportunities they won't believe the extrodinary value offered.  It includes everything most businesses need to have a fabulous website with the bells, whistles, and the kitchen sink.

What is included in the Foundation Package?

  • 20 hours of professional services
  • Most common web technologies
  • Professional design package
  • Feature and functionality licenses
  • Search engine optimised structures
  • Self-administration & training

What types of technology do you get with the foundation package? - Virtually Everything


The foundation package includes 20 hours of Development Time


As you can see by the graphic above the foundation development involves a wide variety of specialist tasks to get it off the ground and flying - then you are ready to soar!  A strong feature of our technology is that these websites are fully self-administered.  Using technology similar to a word processor, spreadsheets, and basic image tools - any high school graduate can manage the website.  You can create articles, inject images, update time tables, post news articles, blog, send newsletters, and most common website tasks without the need of a third party.  We provide you with a beautiful web design including an extrodianry array of features and functionality - after that it is just a question of what else you would like us to do and what you want to do yourself.

The Foundation Package: $2,950 ex gst  [ there is a current special on this package here for $500 off ]



Expansion Packages:

Did you just want a fling?... or do you want to get engaged?

If you don't have time to explore, learn, and tinker with your new website and need help beyond the foundation package - Interweaving is here for you.  The benefit of the Interweaving system is that you can get a fully functional e-commere, service, or operations website up and running in only a couple weeks.  Then you can concentrate on improving the material on the website,  uploading products, marketing  to your customers, or whatever you desire.  After you have adjusted to your new home, feel free to call us.  Websites are about continuous improvements and enagement with your physical business.  It is all very flexible.  Below are some common additional packages that customers use to extend their websites and accelerate the integration into their businesses.

E-commerce: Online Shop Support Package

The online shop, shopping cart, and payment gateway technology is all included in the foundation package.  This functionality can be setup as part of the foundation package or as a later addition. Common work involved to become ecommerce enabled includes layout, graphical editing, product setup, encryption, paypal integration, and importation of products.  We work with you to give each product loving care and attention.  The shopping facilities are very robust, but they still require specialist knowledge to setup and configure them.  Interweaving offers a support package which includes everything required to make the shopping facility commercial ready with up to 100 products including graphics, descriptions, and editing.  Clients are responsible for the production of the original images and ensuring they are copyright free.

Service: Reservations, Service Booking & Communication Package

It is now realistic to book appointments online for service providers, rental equipment, and limited resources.  The service booking support package includes everything you need to provide top notch service to your customers online.  Live website interaction, reservation systems, resource reservations, labour booking, and online service ecommerce.   Paypal integration, sms support messaging,  and limited iPhone integration are included.  Book a hairdresser, reserve a piece of equipment, or rent an apartment online.

Operations: Client Management Package (CRM)

This package relates to everything you need to increase service quality, reduce operations costs, and improve sales.  It includes setting up a versitile and diverse group of related programs.  They include online quotations, sales funnel management, invoicing, client service area, project management facility, customer support ticketing system, and communication tools.  If you really want to E-enable your business from an operations perspective this is the ticket - literally.

Community: Social Networking Package

Do you enjoy your club?  Do you want high engage community building?  This is the community neworking package that gets you going.  Facility setup helps you manage memberships, can support reoccuring charges, commuity rankings, and feedback.  It includes the setup, troubleshooting, configuring and importing external community data to make your website fully community interactive.  This is very similar to Facebook type functionality.  Forums, blogs, instant messaging, chat, photo gallery, everything you need to make people engage and belong.

Design: High Engagement Creative Design

Creative web design is an art form.  Like a painting, it can be rushed - but the outcome is frequently dependent on how much time the designers have to craft the exact visual message, align it with or improve your brand in the process, and get exactly the right look, functionality, and feel for you website.   In addition to the design time allocated in the foundation package this increases the time we can give your website to create a completely unique approach to the web.  If the appearance of your website is the most important aspect of your development - it is a worthwhile investment to get exactly what you want.

Bridging: Integrating External Software Into Your Online Business

Interweaving can bridge most web enabled software into your website.  Whether that is an existing system used in your company or a new third party product - it can all be done.  These implementations are completely custom and highly variable so prices are on a request basis.

Interweaving - a professional service firm

As a professional services firm Interweaving is paid by the hour of work performed.  As guidance below we have provided an estimate of hours each type of activity takes to install, configure, and integrate.

There are a wide variety of additional improvements that can be made. The system that we use as the foundation for your website has over 10,000 modules, components, plugins and other extensions. The things that can be achieved by utilising functional units strait off the shelf is extraordinary. Some of those systems and approximate installation times include:


Prices vary dependent on the type of activity peformed.


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