Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engines Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing

The big G - Google is the 500 pound gorilla for search engines.   It has a grossly dominant market share and is a very useful utility for web users.  Yahoo is a distant second, and Microsoft an even more distant third.  Search engines are the yellow pages of the Internet.  When people search they find relevant contextual websites that are specific to the user search queries.  You absolutely have to be in the search engines to have a well marketed website.

Search Engine Optimisation

The best type of search engine listing is the one you don't have to pay for again and again - organic search listings.  There are three ways your website is selected for being shown is search results:  relativity to the search request, relative locations, and web page rank.

Search Request

When someone types a phrase into a search engine they are looking for something.  The search engine will try to offer search listings that are the closest match to what the user is looking for.  Simple isn't it?  Not quite.  The reality is that search engines need to know where to find the right websites for each query.  They do this by indexing all the websites on the web and using an algorithm to find the best ones for each search query.  Optimisation for search requests is a science and a little art too.  Your website needs a list of search phrases that you would like to be found on in the search engines.  This list needs to be as wide and deep as possible to collect as many organic search queries as possible.  That includes typographic errors and misspellings as well.  Then your website needs to be optimised for those terms with page titles, descriptions, urls, and meta data all being optimised on a page by page basis to be the most specific result for search engines to serve.  Although search engines are algorithmic they still depend on website owners to tell them what each page is about, and more importantly offering descriptions that users will find attractive to click on.; If a search engine doesn't find a description to serve for the web page - it just makes one up.

Relative Location

Every user accesses the Internet through what is called an IP address.  Websites have their own IP addresss as well.  Why is this important? IP addresses are assigned geographic locations and distributed accordingly.  Websites can be hosted anywhere in the world.  The most common mistake is when website owners host their website on a cheap foreign host, which is commonly the domain registrar where they originally bought their domain.  These hosts are allocated IP addresses that are for their geographic location not yours.

Search engines are like dating agencies, they try to pair up the best websites with the most specific users.  Today modern search engines are sorting the websites that they list by how close a user is to the website's IP address.  Unless you want to be selling your goods to customers in someplace like Phoenix, Arizona USA instead of Brisbane, Australia - this can be a major problem.  Your website needs to have its own SEO IP address located as close as you can to your average customer's location. If that is Brisbane, then you need an Australian Hosting Company with your own unique static IP address - which screams to the search engine - WE ARE AUSTRALIAN!

Page Rank

Page rank is a mysterious thing to most people, but to Interweaving it is very simple.  Search engines want to list the pages that will give users what they actually want.  To get the best search rank you should do a number of things.  There are a great deal of factors that contribute but the most important ones are to have:

  • Volumes of original textual content
  • Links from other websites to yours
  • Local IP address with a local host
  • Frequent updates to website content
  • Create a good site map
  • Give it time to ferment
  • Single level URLs
  • Highly specific metadata

Search Engine Advertising

If you can't beat them join them.  Although organic search listings are the most cost effective way to advertise - you can also buy advertising in search engines.  In Google these are the ads on the right side of the page and sometimes at the top of the organic search listings.  They also can now be found in Google maps which offer paid listings.

Search engine advertising is very effective and offers a great return on investment IF you advertise consistently and target your ads to the right phrases and locations for the right price per click.  Does that sound complicated?  Interweaving is very experienced in all forms of Internet marketing.  If you would like us to create a marketing campaign for you and manage it monthly that can be arranged.  Campaigns start for as little as $50 a month

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