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Website Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the infrastructure and software to manage the communication of your website to the internet at large. It also provides the security and speed on how that message is communicated. Interweaving provides specialist web hosting services for content management systems or we can arrange for your website to be moved once developed.

Reasons why clients may prefer to use Interweaving web hosting:

  • Interweaving provides hosting specific to the content management system and technology it develops. This system has specific speed, security, and software requirements. The interweaving host is optimised specifically to these systems. Equally it disabled the use of technology from attacks utilising software not required for Interweaving clients.
  • Sometimes client websites require specific technology or access which is not allowed on larger hosting companies. Bulk email systems, real time messaging, video broadcast, data streaming, data downloads, and timed events are all common technologies utilised which most large web hosting companies will not accommodate without significant costs. Some websites don’t require these services.
  • Websites typically require security patches and optimisation that web hosting companies don’t provide. Web hosting companies don’t service the websites themselves. Interweaving provides common website software patches and optimisation as a low cost optional service to its clients. Without this service the website progressively get out of date and lose security integrity. Although Interweaving can provide this service to websites on external hosts the costs are significantly more as the time it takes to maintain them is more time consuming and prone to issues.
  • External web hosts may backup a client’s website at an additional cost to the client. However, should the client need to restore the backup the fees typically start at $180 and grow quickly. That assumes that the host has saved the backup less recently than the issue. Sometimes these issues coincide with backup cycles and there are not any patent copies of the website. Client’s can backup their own websites. Interweaving provides the backup software in their website administration area. However, many forget or accidently corrupt the backup download. Interweaving backs up its client websites monthly for a fee. These copies are kept for two months to ensure a valid copy. They are formatted in a way that can be easily transported and re-established at another host quickly. This is a backup specific to restoration of the content management system used by Interweaving. This isn’t available at external web hosts.
  • Most websites hosted with Interweaving are hosted on their own unique IP address for a fee. This is a very unique service now as IP addresses have become rare. Interweaving has to pay for access to these unique IP addresses each month. One of the criteria for search engine optimisation is to have a unique IP address. If SEO is important to your website it should be considered. Obtaining access to a unique IP address at another external host may be very difficult if not impossible.

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