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With the Internet you can do just about anything - but should you?

Web design and development is full of shiny baubles and neat gizmos.  There are all sorts of things that are just fascinating.  We know because we love looking for and integrating new technology.  BUT....what you really should be asking yourself every time you think of doing something new is "How will this improve my organisation; Is it worth the customer's time?; and What is the value that it offers the user?"

Online users have a short attention span and little patience for things that do not directly serve them.  You shouldn't waste the user's time talking about yourself.  Make things simple and efficient, and above all else ask yourself, "If I were a customer would I enjoy doing this? Would I tolerate it? Would it make me angry? or Would it entice me to take action?"

Websites are about your customers, not about your business!  They want information, service, and efficiency. Every step in the information, service, or buying process that you put in front of them will reduce your positive outcomes and maximise your negative ones. Every field that you put into a form for people to fill out will make people suspicious and angry.  Keep it simple!  Customers want websites that are self explanatory, useful, and easy to use.

Interweaving is about improving your business.  The best way to do that online is to make your website useful and usable for your customers.  That all starts with a plan:

  •     Learn how your customers think with web research.
  •     Analyse your true competitive position in your marketplace and differentiate yourself by offering the best value.
  •     Focus on the user perspective, and never make them do something you wouldn't enjoy doing yourself.
  •     Don't try to emulate your offline business with an online brochure - think Internet efficiency!




Think longevity, develop brevity

The number one risk of web development is NOT FINISHING.  Most web development projects shouldn't take more than a week or two to develop.  The remaining projects should be broken down into development iterations that only take a few weeks at a time.  Statistically the longer a project takes, the more likely it will be to fail.

Interweaving's development process is about short bursts of activity, that have rapid deliverables which maximise the value of the development.  The Interweaving foundation package is designed to offer maximum value in the shortest period of time once scheduled production begins.  This package is a burst of 20 hours of strategy, design, and programming.

In this process we engage with you and set appropriate expectations; research, plan, and analyse; create, brand, and design; assemble, program, and engineer; then test, deliver, and train you how to use your new business engine (website).  All in the period of couple weeks.  In order to achieve these things you need to be dedicated to the process.  The primary outcome is a website that works for you and is self-administered so you can control and enter your own information.

The short story is that this is a short story!  An efficient process that will deliver an effective website quickly, with amazing technology for the price.

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